Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

feelings of home


Lonely isolates
in a southern sea,
Driving north
up the island.

Small towns
restricted acts
of kindness towards

Holding fast to a
fragile sense
of civilisation
in a wild,

Untameable land of rock and
sand and trees.
Virgin to be
broken blood
spilt on the sheet.

I live at the south end of a long land mass – too large to be a real island, far too small to be a continent. This poem expresses a sense of dissociation that I get travelling out of the city.

© David Earle, 2009


4 thoughts on “feelings of home

  1. nicely written, enjoyable to read – feeling of movement.

  2. Nicely expressed. I’ve lived in cities and in the wilds of the countryside. So very different.

  3. Really love your last stanza.

  4. Liked it. The feeling of dissociation pours forth.

    out of that fertile mind

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