Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

Say “Yes!”


Say “Yes!” to the rain, to the pain,

that drives through your bones and soaks you again;

Say “Yes!” to the troubled and stray

who bother your soul and haunt your day;

Say “Yes!” to the strange and the queer

who lead you down roads you don’t normally steer;

Say “Yes!’ to the things you love to hate

to the shit piled high up to your gate;

Don’t turn away and ignore the strife;

Say “Yes!’ to life.


7 thoughts on “Say “Yes!”

  1. I love the deceptive simplicity of this piece. Really nice.

  2. Can’t stay ‘safe’ forever…

  3. nice one david,
    never easy to make good rhyming piece but you did.

    say yes! – important message

    (L2 – perhaps should be ‘you’? – maybe)

  4. thanks for spotting the mistake on line 2.

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