Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

getting home


Jesus Joseph John finished work for the day
and wandered back home in his usual way;
He searched for some answer,
trying to understand,
why his life was flowing
through his fingers like sand.

Jesus Joseph John sat in the bar
drinking his beer and hadn’t got far;
Watching  the news
on the big screen TV,
sitting in his corner,
huddled reclusively.

Jesus Joseph John rose with a heave,
no-one there noticed him leave;
He staggered down the road
all on his own,
A fist hit his gut
and he fell with a moan.

Jesus Joseph John got up in a daze
and sung to himself, his mind in a haze;
The kids hanging out
followed him right down the street,
dancing and chanting
and tripping his feet.

Jesus Joseph John fell in the drain
threw up his lunch, his head full of pain;
A woman stopped by,
and came to his aid:
wiping his brow and
to home he was bade.

Jesus Joseph John staggered on up the road
and gradually in his tiredness slowed;
He collapsed in a doorway
and fell there asleep,
in his dreams he was shaken
which troubled him deep.

In the growing dawn light
He awoke to the day;
A new chance to see
If he could find his own way.


6 thoughts on “getting home

  1. Hmm…is this Jesus Joseph John supposed to be an Everyman? I definitely like following him along his painful way home.

  2. An excellent read. Hard hitting but with a marvellous flow to it.

  3. I wrote the poem just after Easter as an alternate view on the stations of the cross (Jesus’ journey from trial to crucifixion). As I rewrote it, I took out some of the more direct references. So it is an Everyman type story in that way.

  4. Why is it difficult to find a way? Just when it seems easy, everything falls apart.

    I really related to this.

    get that card for me

  5. the kind of poem i like!!! thanks for sharing 😀

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