Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

Hurihuri te ao

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Hurihuri te ao
[trans: The world turns]

A man strides down the street
Wearing important clothes
And very important shoes
Off to make important decisions
With very important people
His shiny new shoes slip
In a dog turd and
he swears.

Hurihuri te ao

A girl sits eating her ice cream cone
Racing the hot sun to
Get to the bottom
Before it all melts and leaves
A sticky liquid on the ground
She stares at it sadly
The dripping mess
She never got to eat and
She cries.

Hurihuri te ao.

A dog sniffs along the road
Finding tidbits to fill his skinny frame
Marking a lamp post to show
The world it is his own
Licks up some melted icecream
Then squats down to
Take a crap and
he wanders on.

Hurihuri te ao.


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