Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

About me

I love to work with words.  They can be so powerful in sharing ideas across cultures and the world and yet so powerless to express even the simplest sentiment.

I work with words in my professional career as a researcher. Here I enjoy working with them in much more open ways through poetry.

I also write songs. My other enjoyment is music. I play a variety of instruments – none to with any great expertise. What I enjoy is the pleasure of the sound. The taste and vibration of the clarinet in my mouth – the resonance of a guitar on my knee. All of which is another way of communicating across boundaries.

My writing is here for you to enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts. Comments are very much appreciated.


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. david, i am happy you came to my place so i have now found yours. you have some beautiful stuff in here. looking forward to read more and new.

  2. thanks – and I will keep checking in on yours, I have very much enjoyed what I have read so far

  3. Its nice knowing you and your blog…
    Happy blogging 😉
    really nice blog…

  4. I love reading your work. Keep it up.

  5. Much thanks David for stopping buy my site. I am very glad that you liked it. I have read some of your poems and like them very much. Drop in anytime.

    I will be starting another web site to write longer poems in the in the Fall. I have you on my blog list.


  6. David, thanks for coming over to my blog. Always interested to know how people found it, and what they liked, if you have a spare moment. I’m involved with restorative practices and restorative justice here in the States that are based on the New Zealand model.

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