Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

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Be kind to yourself

Some short poems on a theme – that are more or less cinquains:


1. Gentle
Warm wind caresses
Your own best friend? Your own worst enemy?
What will you choose?

2. Simple
Uncluttered space
Floor has been swept clean of dirt
Warming sunshine relaxes the mind

3. A seed
contains all knowledge
to be a tree in the forest
tall, majestic, sheltering, life

4. Miles
distance away from
driving, walking, cycling, dreaming
free to roam, free to wander

5. Patience
waiting alone
sitting in silence
breathing, looking, hearing, being



There is no problem

The seed does not have a problem
with being deep in the damp soil
It does not have a problem
with swelling
with growing
with emerging
to bright sunlight.

The tree does not have a problem
with standing in the forest
It does not have a problem
with being tall
with being eaten
with being home
to insects and birds.

The bird does not have a problem
with being in the sky
It does not have a problem
with flying
with singing
with seeing
the cat waiting in the long grass.

The cat does not have a problem
with lazing on the lawn
It does not have a problem
with waking
its human
from bed
to feed it in the morning.

It is we who have a problem
in living our own lives
It is we who have a problem
that binds us
that blinds us
that keeps us
from ourselves.

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A moment

Take a moment to pause
A moment to listen
A moment to watch
A moment to be;

A moment is passing
It won’t be here long
Just as you can take it
Another will come along;

Share in a moment
Before it slips by
Its never too late
If now is your time.

Remembering Gene and all the moments he shared with us.


Greeting the day

“Good morning.”
A grey sky, a cold wind;
Who says the morning is good?

“Good afternoon.”
A warm wind, a sunny sky;
Who says the afternoon is good?

“Good evening”
A starry sky, a warm bed;
Who says the night is good?

We greet each day,
We call it good,
But who says?

© 2009, David Earle.

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Does the rain
ever wash away the pain
never let it come again

The empty void
that will never be retained

The place
that will never be to the same

The time
that will never be replayed

The rain can never
wash away the pain
but let it come again.

© David Earle, 2009.