Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

Picture of moon landing on old black and white TV. Has YouTube logo in bottom right corner of TV picture.

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Space odyssey

He fell from space at 200 miles per hour
Our moon landing, the young folks said

No, we had the real moon landing
Sitting in dining room on a Sunday morning
A 14 inch
Black and white
We knew which channel to turn to
There was only one

Grainy pictures beamed from space

A tiny module circles
A cold dark world
A man in a clumsy suit climbs
Awkwardly down a ladder

A step, small but giant
Stirring up dust that has
Laid for eons and hangs
In the air

The world cheers

It was real
It was our achievement
No conspiracy or fakery there

We went on and built a space station
We would colonise the moon
When we partied like it was 1999
We would be waiting for the moon to
Take off into deep space

But it didn’t – because the Doctor saved us.