Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

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Holy Shit

“Take this”, she says,
“My table is spread, richly laden”

“Take this”, she says,
“Eat fully, drink deeply.”

“Hear, but do not understand
“Look, but do not see
“If you try to explain, it will be gone
“If you try to see, it will vanish.”

An angel has stopped my mouth
While another has torn open my heart
My feet sink deep into the compost of reality
I stand on holy ground
Holy Shit!

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Speak well

Speak well of others
That they might speak well
Of you

What if
There is nothing well to say
Of another
Nothing I can truly say
Another has done well to
Speak of

Do I stay silent
And in my silence speak badly
Of the other’s

Of do I find some trivial
Good ness and
In my speaking make the other

Speak well of others
That they might speak well
Of you

How can I speak well of others
When I fail to speak well of me

When my internal
Self talk
Continually points fault
At every action

When I apologise for
My presence in the room

When I list my short comings
So others do not think me proud

When I refuse to accept praise and thanks
And say it was nothing

Speak well of yourself
So you can speak well of others