Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

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The storm

Laying in silence under the bed
Waiting for the roll of thunder
Counting the seconds since the flash

One thousand and one

Day has turned to night in 30 seconds
Bright sun to dark, damp air
Bristling with static charge

One thousand and two

Stillness was replaced with wild wind
blowing from no particular direction

One thousand and three
One thousand and four
One thousand and five

A distant rumble
another bright flash.




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Droplets suspended
Aqueous curtains veil the hills
Billow in the wind.


Distant rumble stirs
Discomfort waits in the air
The onslaught is close.


Now run to escape
From doorway to locked safety
Limit exposure.


Bullets hit the ground
Bouncing back up on impact
Dust resists entry.

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clues to existence

Debris strewn at high-tide line
are clues to hidden realms

Chunks of feathered weed
blood red, torn bleeding from a
submarine forest mixed with

Smooth polished sticks
washed down in the storm
worn smooth by sand and salt

Neither survives the other’s world
they meet, greet and die.