Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

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clues to existence

Debris strewn at high-tide line
are clues to hidden realms

Chunks of feathered weed
blood red, torn bleeding from a
submarine forest mixed with

Smooth polished sticks
washed down in the storm
worn smooth by sand and salt

Neither survives the other’s world
they meet, greet and die.



The Beach Is A Road

Peace, harmony, seaside
village shelters behind
wild dunes while
rugged, wild surf
pounds the beach sand
road to flatness.

Drive forever down the sand
to a destination never
reached through
hazy mist and rolling
cloud stirred by
a troubled sea

Next town shelters behind
the dunes
in careful order arranged
with store, garage and camping

The sign at Himitangi Beach (north of Wellington) states “The Beach Is A Road”. The beach road goes south to Foxton and north to Tangimoana. As in the previous poem, I am trying to capture the difference between the wild of the ocean and the constructed tidiness of the beach towns.

© David Earle, 2009.