Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life

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The marmorated stink bug

The marmorated stink bug is causing significant concern to New Zealand. It has been found in some cargoes and if established would significantly harm our agriculture industry.  It is already causing a lot of harm in the US and Europe.  If you see one, report it to MPI immediately.  Meanwhile, enjoy this slightly tongue in cheek poem.


The marmorated stink bug
is eating all our food;
chomping through our fields
‘Oh how, very rude!’;
A small, brown bomb of stench —
all our crops are screwed.

The end of the word was supposed to astound;
Nuclear war, plagues,
Earthquakes, tidal waves
From god on high the trumpets would sound!

Not a slow, quiet death of starvation;
as one butt-ugly bug eats everything in creation.


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Hurihuri te ao

Hurihuri te ao
[trans: The world turns]

A man strides down the street
Wearing important clothes
And very important shoes
Off to make important decisions
With very important people
His shiny new shoes slip
In a dog turd and
he swears.

Hurihuri te ao

A girl sits eating her ice cream cone
Racing the hot sun to
Get to the bottom
Before it all melts and leaves
A sticky liquid on the ground
She stares at it sadly
The dripping mess
She never got to eat and
She cries.

Hurihuri te ao.

A dog sniffs along the road
Finding tidbits to fill his skinny frame
Marking a lamp post to show
The world it is his own
Licks up some melted icecream
Then squats down to
Take a crap and
he wanders on.

Hurihuri te ao.

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Meet Geoffrey

Geoffrey stands at the side of the road
A fine, frosty morning
Enjoying the quiet solitude
As the sheep across the fence ignore him

A car screams down the road
Coming to a stop by the drive way

“Watch out for Geff”, she calls
“For who?”
“For Geoffrey”

Pain explodes in my chest
The ground rises to meet my head
I look up to the sky and see
A large goat staring down

“Oh, hello … you must be Geoffrey.”