Inside out

Some poems and reflections on life


No escape

She came to the beach to escape her unhappiness,
Wind, sun, surf crashed over her washing the stains from her hands,
The gulls mourned the passing of the clouds over the sun,
The rain closed in across the ocean.

Darkness loomed in her heart,
Love came not to what she couldn’t find
In her lonely isolation her darkness had followed her.

She turned up the beach to run and shout:
“Go away!, Leave me be!”

“Be what?” it asked, “You are who you are.
You cannot change what you have done.
No place will be happy for you
until you know who you are now and here in this place.”

“Go away!” she shouted,
“I cannot” it said, “I am you and you shall not
leave me until you love me.”

She fell into the sand and wept.

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clues to existence

Debris strewn at high-tide line
are clues to hidden realms

Chunks of feathered weed
blood red, torn bleeding from a
submarine forest mixed with

Smooth polished sticks
washed down in the storm
worn smooth by sand and salt

Neither survives the other’s world
they meet, greet and die.